Frequently Asked Questions

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We’ve put together this section to give you quick answers to some common prospective client questions. For more specific answers, please do not hesitate to contact us at Invoice Intelligence directly.


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How do I start the process?

To start the process of getting back the money you are owed, call or email an in-house representative of Invoice Intelligence.


We will then request that you send us copies of your bills/invoices to review.


Once we receive them, we will use them to conduct a preliminary review. After signing an agreement with us, so expectations are set for all, we will visit and conduct and on-site review (if necessary) and do a full-on analysis of every charge on your invoice(s). Once we have identified a billing error or savings we will let you know. With your approval, we will then implement the refund or savings.


We follow through completely to ensure you receive all the money or savings due to you. There is very little you need to do.


To make sure you are not charged for any wrong amounts, we will then monitor your billings every month.

How much of my time will this take?

The process will take up very little of your time. These are not physical audits, so there will be no interruption of your day-to-day business. We just need you to send us your bills and-or invoices. Then we will do the rest, analyzing and breaking down each line item to ensure you are being charged correctly. Any money you are owed is returned to you.


A typical report from us can be generated within one week.

What is the fee structure and payment?

We work on a contingency basis. Our payment is a percentage of the refund and savings. If there are no billing errors or savings, we do not get paid.

What is expected of my company’s employees?

Very little time is required from you or your staff. We understand you have a business to run. All we need are your bills and access to your physical property, like meters, if needed. With this , we can provide you an analysis and estimate of the savings we expect for you.   We are transparent in our work and open to including you or any of your employees in the process at any time.

What do I need from my utility/shipping/sercurity/etc. companies?

We ask for three of your most recent monthly statements and service agreements, if applicable. Any additional information we need, we should be able to obtain directly from the source whether it is a municipality, vendor or utility company.