How It Works

How Our Service Works

Invoice Intelligence reduces utility costs through an in-depth review of utility/service bills, including water, sewer, gas, and other monthly costs. If your company has been overcharged or charged incorrectly, we identify and negotiate refunds on behalf of your business. Plus, we identify ongoing savings opportunities.

Our Process – Your Role and Ours

You give us your bills.

We provide you with an analysis showing the estimate of the savings we expect for you.

 This is a free, no obligation evaluation.

Then we:


    Meticulously review and analyze recent billings, as well as historical data for all types of services and utilities including gas, electric, water, cable, trash collection, FedEx and phone.


    Use specialized techniques to conduct a comprehensive analysis of billing information. All invoices are carefully reviewed.


    Work with utility providers on your behalf to correct the errors and to obtain refunds and cost savings.


    After reporting our findings to you, we implement the needed changes, and work to get a refund for any errors we find.


    Follow up with the utility/service company to verify that changes and refunds are carried out correctly.

If our team cannot find service and/or utility bill savings, there is no cost to you.

Future substantial monthly savings are a frequent result of our bill analyses.

An Invoice Intelligence examination of your business bills will verify:

  • Correct meter readings
  • Accurate billing charges
  • Correct surcharges, taxes, rates & tariffs
  •  Mistake-free accounting

  • Correct calculations
  • Accurate energy charges
  • Accurate billing dates

If errors are discovered in any of these areas your business may be eligible for a substantial refund which we will help you recover.

Transparent Services, Costs and Fees

Savings are guaranteed or our bill analysis services are free.

100% no risk. Invoice Intelligence bill examinations are performed on a contingency-fee basis, meaning if you don’t save money, you don’t pay. Our compensation is simply a percentage of the service and utility bill savings we identify for you. This gives us the added incentive to complete the analysis quickly and effectively. It’s in our best interest to find errors!


We are completely objective in assessing your current and future billing. We have no ties to any utility or service provider, so you can be confident you are getting the best feedback and advice.


Contact us for a free no-risk analysis of your business’ utility and service bills.